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Do You Need To Get Out Of Foreclosure And Stop Your Trustee or Sheriff Sale Date....Fast?

We Can Stop Your Sale Date Immediately and Keep You In Your Home For Up To 24 Months Or Longer!

Are you facing a Foreclosure, Trustee, or Sheriff Sale?  You are in the right place. Our experts will review your situation at no cost to determine which strategy will most effectively stop your sale date!

Are you still waiting on that Loan Modification approval? We constantly see people who have been doing a trial payment for 3+ months, just to find out they “are not approved” and a sale date is issued. If this is you, call immediately 

Are you tired of getting “the run around” by your lender?  No one likes that. We will help you get answers – FAST. The longer the lender stalls, the higher the risk of being foreclosed on.

Has your Short Sale fallen through?  This is a very common issue. You need an immediate solution. Let us hold off the bank so you can shift gears.

Do you need more time to “get back on your feet”?  We can help you get that time. Our programs can delay the foreclosure process and a sale of your home for up to 24 months or longer.

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Foreclosure Avoidance Group is partnered with a team of legal professionals, attorneys, and other foreclosure defense experts offering homeowners in desperate need of a coordinated, decisive, and effective strategy to postpone the foreclosure process for up to 24+ months or longer. We provide and restore hope for families who have not been able to obtain foreclosure assistance or alternatives from their lenders.

Our proven foreclosure delay strategies provide homeowners or investors (owner or non-owner occupied properties) with an effective solution using federal, state, and local laws to stop sale dates without having to file for bankruptcy or short sale your property.  

Lenders use “trustees or 3rd party law firms” to assist them with the execution of the foreclosure process. Called a Trustee or Sheriff Sale, trustees or law firms, acting for the lender, send out a Notice of Default  (NOD) and later a Notice of Trustee's Sale  (NTS), eventually leading to the sale of the home at public auction. At public auction, there are two outcomes:  1) The bank takes the home back and the property becomes Real Estate Owned (REO) or 2) The home is sold to the highest bidder at auction (Sold to a 3rd Party). Either way, the homeowner loses their home to foreclosure.

Trustee Companies or 3rd Party Law Firms can be held liable for improperly foreclosing upon a home, creating substantial liability for these companies. Our firm, using various Federal and State Foreclosure Laws, contacts the trustee and DEMANDS they verify a comprehensive list of issues related to the legal nature of the foreclosure proceedings. We also perform a comprehensive analysis of your loan and foreclosure history designed to identify specific violations of law, which is used to create substantial leverage.

This process is also called a "Challenge" or "Verification".  The Trustees do not want to be held liable for a potential wrongful foreclosure. Trustees will delay a foreclosure sale on a property if there are violations identified prior to the foreclosure auction date. 

Based on the extensive volume of existing foreclosure sales along with internal red tape this process can continually result in the postponement of your sale dates for many months or even years.

Purchasing a home is the very foundation of the American Dream. Unfortunately this Dream has turned into a nightmare for many people.    

Founded in 2009, Foreclosure Avoidance Group has built a team of professionals who provide solutions in the real estate and mortgage industry. With more than 25 years of collective experience in our Management team and more than a THOUSAND clients helped thus far, we can provide you with various options and solutions that can help you save your home from a Foreclosure/Sheriff/Trustee Sale.

In addition our team will fully evaluate your loan and foreclosure history to ensure we employ the most appropriate foreclosure postponement strategy and maximize the amount of time you are able to stay in your home.   No two foreclosures are alike and for this reason we approach each situation uniquely and with a customized approach and strategy. Unlike other companies, we never take chances with our client's properties and will only recommend a particular strategy if we know with certainty it will stop their sale date.

Foreclosure Avoidance Group is quite unique and offers an array of different services designed to help homeowners both short and long-term.  

Whether you are simply looking for a little extra time or permanently trying to save your home, we will evaluate your situation and execute a plan of action tailored around your unique goals and objectives.

The only qualification for our Foreclosure Delay Program is that you are a Homeowner in Foreclosure and have received a Notice of Sale.

Whether you are a Homeowner or a Real Estate Investor, we can help you keep your home and property.

  • Our Strategies Are Effective In All 50 States 
  • We Can Stop Your Foreclosure Sale Date Immediately (In Less Than 24 Hours or On The Same Day In Some Cases)
  • Residential, Investment, and Commercial Properties Qualify
  • Does Not Involve Filing Bankruptcy
  • More than 1,000 Clients Served Over The Past 10 Years! We have been helping homeowners since early 2009.
  • Multiple Solutions Available Before and After Your Sale Date Is Stopped! (Ability to Work With One Company To Navigate You Through This Difficult Process)
  • We Offer The Following Programs: Principal Reduction and Monetary Damages via Predatory Mortgage Litigation, Foreclosure Sale Date Delay, Note Restructuring, Short Sales, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Solutions, Credit Restoration, and More!
  • Get On the Path To Making Yourself Whole Again!

In a Foreclosure, Every Second Counts.  Put Time On Your Side and Stop Your Sale Date Now!!

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 Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“I got a letter posted on my front door informing me that they would be selling my house in 3 weeks. When I saw it I started crying. I felt so helpless. So I called the Foreclosure Avoidance Group. They explained everything to me and it all made sense. I was very surprised when they were able to stop the trustee sale so quickly. They are a Godsend. I’ve been in my home for 9 months now and I sleep well at night. I’m not worried about the bank foreclosing on me now.” – Anna , San Jose, CA

My wife and I both work full-time and barely have time for anything else. We fell behind in our mortgage payments and even though we’ve never been late on a mortgage payment in 5 years, our bank sent us a foreclosure notice. When we tried to contact our lender they refused to work with us. Foreclosure Avoidance Group was able to quickly stop the foreclosure giving us time to financially recover. Now we are focusing on short selling our home without the stress of having our home TAKEN from us in the meantime.” – Mr. Jacobs, New York, NY

I’m a grandmother raising 2 of my grandchildren. I was going through a divorce with my husband and behind my back he stopped paying the mortgage. Which he had agreed to do. I didn’t know that he hadn’t paid the mortgage for the past 6 months until they posted a sale notice on my door. There was no way that I could come up with all of that money in time. I had given up all hope for saving my home. Then I talked to Foreclosure Avoidance Group. I was very surprised to hear how they could help me. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve been in my home now for 10 months. I would have lost my home if it hadn’t been for them.” – Mildred, Los Angeles, CA 

“We had already applied for a loan modification but I didn’t qualify. As soon as the bank realized that we didn’t qualify they went full speed ahead in trying to foreclose on me. We were very surprised. A friend of ours told us about Foreclosure Avoidance Group. So we gave them a call. We felt immediately comfortable talking with them. We could not have been more pleased, not only with the outcome, but with their expertise and knowledge. They were very patient. With their assistance our home was saved from foreclosure. We’ve been in the Program for a little over a year now.  We’re very thankful to Foreclosure Avoidance Group.” – Paula and Jason, Phoenix, AZ

“This company has done more than save our home, they saved our family. Things were getting so tough, I remember barely making it home from work with my gas light on, to no dinner. Later that night my sister-in-law called and referred us to Foreclosure Avoidance Group. Unlike the mortgage company,  they actually treated us like people. They delayed our sale date within a few days. We’ve been in our home now for 6 months, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to them.” - Amy & Brian, Baltimore, Maryland 


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